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A Bridge Too Ugly

St. Louis does a lot of things right. Baseball, toasted ravioli, or pizza for instance. But anyone that has known me and been on a car trip from Missouri to Illinois will attest...I hate the Poplar Street Bridge (aka the Bernard F. Dickman Bridge).

Here is the main artery into the St. Louis downtown, combining several highways. Driving past the Arch and riverfront what do you see? A street. That is all it is. A run down street over the water. When this thing was built there was a chance to create a work of art, one that showed true achitecture yet allowed an optimal view of the Arch and downtown. Instead, we got the Poplar Street Bridge as it is today.

I always thought that the Jefferson Barracks Bridge should have been the one built downtown instead with its Arch like features.

See more about bridges in the St. Louis and upper Mississippi area.
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June 22 2006, 00:54:42 UTC 10 years ago

Ya know...I hate that bridge as well. even though I may not wanna go downtown, sometimes i'll go over MLK or Eads and then get back on whatever interstate I need to. I think, if I remember right, the new b ridge is supposed to look like the Clark Bridge that's going into Alton?!?!? I can't remember though.

Sadly Missouri and Illinois are still fighting over funding of a new bridge and it doesn't look to be solved any time soon :(
Oh and the Alton bridge is one of my favorite in the area too :)